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Jul. 27th, 2008

be my friend to read about life

Jan. 18th, 2007

im worried.

Jul. 27th, 2006

i need something to happen.

my FRIENDS let me down.

and nothing ever changes.

im sick of friends saying OHH i miss you.. and doing nothing about it.

im sick of them saying we should do something tomorrow.. and then they completly ignore my calls when theyre late.. or dont show..

im sick of not having a job.
im sick of not feeling responsible.
im sick of hearing everyone else say "shut up you didnt work all day"

im really just sick of being let down..

Jun. 27th, 2006

friends only.

add me . or comment..

ill most likely add you back
im actually graduating..
after taking mt trig exam i got soooo scared about passing that i cried..

i got a 75 on that mother fucker!!!!

finished all my exams for this week
only three more next week.


then senior picnic
senior breakfast
then graduation
then water country

im pretty excited about all of this..
i finished something.
on time..
actually even before it was due.

its a pretty sweet feeling.

im so stressed.. and nervous.
im terrified im not going to graduate.
i wanna make something of myself.. but how can i do that when im .. slacking.

i neeed a job.
i put my two weeks in this weekend.
i need a new phone. mine just broke.. it doesnt vibrate anymore, and the 4-0 buttons dont work.

im aggravated
so sometimes i feel like my best friend is nick.

and that he will always be my best friend.

no matter how much he hates me, or we argue.

my mom automatically assumes that im being quiet because im mad at nick when in all reality i'm pretty happy right now listening to Fireworks.. this band who's shirt i randomly bought the other night because i liked it. (didnt realize it was a band just thought it was a cool shirt..)

just thought i'd let everyone know that i'm really content today.
i built the best amplifier i have ever put any work into, which makes me feel like if i actually try, i could probably build something cool.

and i wore a skirt today, a short one. and i told my friends that i'm wearing one every day this week, but i dont feel like actually doing that because my shop teacher was staring at my legs today, and it creeped me out
Italy April 13-21, 2006
the scenery was beautiful. i wish more of my friends would have gone.
thats the link to my photobucket by the way... all my italy pictures are in there.

So you're probably wondering why i started a newjournal. I just didnt want to remember anything in my old journal. I went through all the old posts from 2003-2006 monday night and it made me sad. All my posts about stupid drama and all the posts about myparents ... are gone.

May 5-8
the best trip ever. EVERYONE went. sam is going to post pictures in his LJ so when he does, ill link it.
florida was sooo awesome. SO awesome.

MAy 12th
awesome time. i wish i hadnt left early. i was told i didnt miss much so its ok. Sam and I won Prom King and Queen. AWESOME. :)

thats us before prom.. when we were just dreaming about it happening

this next month is going to be so crazy. i have only 11 days of school left. i dont know what i'm doing after high school. i am scared shitless.

May 25th - Senior Award Night
June 5-8th - EXAMS!!
June 8th - Senior Picnic
June 12th - Senior Breakfast
June 12th - Graduation
June 13th - trip to Water Country
June 19th - Water country/sixflags?!?

im pretty happy right now.



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